Selling Your Home...

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Over the last decade home buyer's expectations have changed. With the constant delivery of Pottery Barn and West Elm catalogs, as well as HGTV and the DIY channel, home buyer's expect to be "wowed." And we can help you make this happen.


Our backgrounds in communications and interior design give us the tools to make your property stand out. We will assess your home, making recommendations that not only increase salability, but often increase value. We have a long list of competent and honest professionals who we can coordinate to assist you in making the necessary changes.


While looking good is a key component to selling a property, it is not the only one. When listing properties, services we offer include...

For Seller's, Our Services Include...

  1. Providing a listing report with a detailed market analysis of your property, recommendations for prep work to prepare your property for market, a calendar of when the work might take place, and a seller net sheet that lays out costs associated with the sale of your property.

  2. Recommending cosmetic changes and             repairs that will make your home stand out from others. 

  3. Coordinating the professionals making the   repairs and changes to your property.

  4. Previewing your property to an office of         agents. One of whom may have the  "perfect" buyer.

  5. Relaying feedback these previewing agents   may offer to get your home sold fast.



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 6.  Staging your home to create an ideal "first           impression" and show off your home's                 features.

 7. Professionally photographing your property      for brochures, direct mail cards

      and virtual tours to be featured online and        on our website with mobile adaptations.

 8.  Listing your property in the MLS (the                   multiple listing service for the Washington         DC area) so that it can be viewed by other            realtors as well as prospective buyers.

 9.  Arranging and hosting a variety of Open             House events, to ensure as many                           prospective buyers as possible see your               property.

10. Negotiating the best possible price for                you.

11. Coordinating the entire selling process,               from listing to settlement and                                 communicating with YOU every step of               the way!